Telemedicine Case Studies

Below are two examples where using the TeleDr specialist service results in better treatment for the patient

 A patient presents with a crushed thumb from work on a remote site.

  • Patient transferred to nearest health facility e.g. GP surgery
  • RFDS unable to evacuate immediately, due to pregnant lady in obstructed labour,
  • Patient takes 6 hours to get to public hospital
  • Long delay due to busy emergency and surgeon not available
  • Patient loses thumb
  • Unable to return to his work

Videoconsults with TeleDr specialist

  • TeleDr specialist immediately sees severity of injury through videoconferencing.
  • TeleDr specialist knows there is a risk of losing digit
  • TeleDr specialist helps with RFDS or finds alternative private medivac as RFDS busy
  • Patient at private hospital in 3 hours
  • Met by hand surgeon
  • Digit is saved
  • Patient returns to work
  • Rehabilitation and review able to be done on site by videoconsult with TeleDr specialist

An employee injures his back while at work.

  • Goes to GP who is a little unsure with back pain and arranges CT scan (or MRI) to ensure he doesn't miss something
  • Patient takes rest of week off and 2 days the following week waiting and travelling for CT scan
  • CT scan OK but by time sees GP again patient has had over 2 weeks off work
  • LTI - 12 days

Uses TeleDr Specialists

  • Employee sees TeleDr specialist immediately through videoconferencing.
  • No neurological features and specialist confident employee can return to work on light duties (no imaging required)
  • Worker’s compensation certificate done immediately
  • Medication discussed with GP ordered and dispensed
  • Rehabilitation done on site with follow up by specialist in 2 weeks
  • LTI – 0 (Medical treatment case only)