Analysis & Benchmarking

TeleDr can analyse and benchmark videoconsults on request.  TeleDr can provide data regarding length of videoconsults, number of videoconsults and compare this data to other specialists or GPs to provide an understanding of this rapidly evolving area of telemedicine.  This data can be useful if medicare decides to audit your practice.  

TeleDr specialists can also assist remote health staff in providing data to large companies with regards to TeleDr specialists videoconsults.  TeleDr understands in remote areas it has been difficult to get help with complex cases.  TeleDr can assist remote staff for instance companies who may wish to employ a practice nurse to conduct videoconsults with specialists.   This information on complex cases can be analysed to help companies understand how to

  • Protect the health of employees,
  • Continuously improve on site care
  • Give line management a better understanding of health risks.
  • Highlight important health trends
  • Improve cost effectiveness

Many remote industries have been unable to analyse complex occupational illnesses and injuries and do not fully understand the health risks in this area.   It is the complex cases that TeleDr specialists can help identify, treat, and register.  TeleDr can use this data to benchmark.   TeleDr can recommend cost effective actions to improve health of these complex cases that cost significantly more to manage.