What We Do

TeleDr has been operational for over 3 years providing specialist care to remote industrial sites since 2008.  Telehealth item numbers introduced on 1st July, 2011 allowed TeleDr to expand its service and provide specialist care through videoconsults to remote, rural and outer metropolitan health facilities such as General Practice surgeries, Aboriginal medical services and aged care facilities.

TeleDr makes it easy for the GP,  practice nurse or health staff on site to make a videoconsult appointment with a specialist doctor.

TeleDr in conjunction with Telstra's Business Videoconference Innovation Centre will ensure that the videoconsult will be of high quality and the patient and GP will be able to manage the health problem with the aid of the specialist who will be in a different place.

The videoconsult will be

  • Medicare approved
  • Secure
  • Private
  • Confidential

Your TeleDr specialist can:

  • Take a history and make a diagnosis
  • Examine using the web camera or phone camera
  • Order blood tests (fax or email form)
  • Take Xrays (fax or email request)
  • Write a medical certificate, workers compensation form, or a referral
  • Prescribe medicine
  • Follow up the results and treatment at a later appointment

This service is provided through a GP, practice nurse or an aboriginal health worker who can assist the specialist examine the patient and TeleDr will ensure the patient is reimbursed..

TeleDr is working with health staff in remote, rural and outer metropolitan sites, because:

  • There are many there who do not have access to a specialist doctor
  • Medicare will reimburse a telehealth videoconsult between a specialist in the city and a GP, practice nurse or aboriginal health worker in remote, rural and outer metropolitan sites.
  • Workers compensation will also reimburse for these videoconsults. 
  • It will save time, money and unneccesary travel
  • It is the right thing to do