Medical Certificate

You are a few steps away from getting an online medical certificate.

TeleDr encourages people to get back to work and we will help provide a medical certificate stating you are fit to work or fit to work with modified duties. 

TeleDr understands that if a person has an infectious condition (e.g. influenza) that it is better for that person to stay at home while they are infectious.

TeleDr will provide an infectious person a medical certificate, but will require that person to do a test to confirm they are infectious  (nasal swab for influenza, stool test for diarrhoea)

TeleDr will use this information to ensure the employee returns to work when they have passed their infectious period.  

TeleDr is happy to provide a second opinion if an employee has been given a prolonged period off work for an injury or illness and assess if that employee can return to work on full or modified duties.


"Medical Certificate"