Mental Health Programme

TeleDr offers mental health and Employee Assistance Programmes to remote health facilities via videoconferencing.  Psychiatrists have been able to bill through medicare for videoconsults since 2002.  There has been poor uptake and usage of these numbers.  With the new telehealth item numbers there is more incentive for psychiatrists to be involved.  There are also a number of psychologists that are willing to conduct video consults. (They are not re-imbursed through medicare telehealth item numbers.)

The purpose of mental health support and an EAP is to

  • establish a counselling support program for people in remote areas.
  • promote personal well-being
  • enhance work life balance and manage stress. 

Mental health programmes and EAPs have proven benefits which include:

  • reduced absenteeism
  • staff retention
  • increased productivity
  • reduced work-related injuries and illnesses.

TeleDr specialists offer a range of related services such as a manager support helpline, critical incident stress management, mediation, conflict resolution, psychological assessments, peer support programs, couples counselling and workshops.

What to expect

For your staff, a mental health videoconsult or EAP programme may include:

  • a quick and confidential assessment by videoconferencing
  • short-term counselling and/or external referral if the person requires ongoing support
  • monitoring and review