Medical Director

Medical Director 3 is Australia’s most popular prescription writing package and electronic patient management system.

The Medical Director software is used by more Australian doctors than all the other available products combined.

Medical Director 3 allows the entire practice of medical consulting including remote site care to be conducted electronically


For example Medical Director 3 allows medical professionals to:

  • View a patient’s medical history, as well as their family history and demographic factors
  • Import pathology results and Xrays directly into a patient’s records
  • Calculate coronary risk
  • Batch print prescriptions
  • Access travel vaccination databases
  • Give immunisation reminders

Every TeleDr videoconsult will generate an entry in the progress notes database and every action that is taken on site, whether it be observations recorded, medications prescribed or immunisation given, is recorded in the patient’s history and stored on a central server


TeleDr ensures all personal medical information shall remain secure and confidential in accordance with local regulations, company standards and procedures.