Medical Record Storage

TeleDr assists companies to computerise their medical records.

Industry is required to:

  • Preserve and maintain medical and exposure records for each employee.
  • Inform workers of those medical and exposure records.
  • Make records available to employees, their representatives or the regulator

How long does industry have to keep employee exposure, medical records and other exposure information?

  • Employee medical records need to be kept for at least 30 years after termination
  • The employee exposure records also should be kept for at least 30 years after termination,

Employees exposed to “toxic substances and harmful physical agents,” including

  • Metals and dusts, such as, lead, cadmium, and silica.
  • Biological agents, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Physical stress, such as noise, heat, cold, vibration,repetitive motion, and ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

have the right to access exposure and medical records and analyses based on these records.

Companies that do not have computerised records may have difficulty complying with these regulations.

TeleDr will computerise your employee medical records and exposure records, then store them for at least 30 years
(no more boxes of medical records in warehouses)

TeleDr will analyse your records and list your major health risks to ensure that they are appropriately managed.