In the event of accidents or medical emergencies plese dial 000 immediately.  In remote areas occasionally your emergency is not prioritised, for example a road accident may be prioritised over a crushed hand.  

TeleDr does provide a Private Hospital Emergency care number (1800 TeleDr) to assist if required.

We provide

  • access to 24 hour private emergency hospital doctors
  • pre-hospital emergency assistance
  • evacuation to private hospital and logistical arrangements
  • urgent surgical or medical specialist review on arrival at private hospital

Many remote facilities do not have access to 24 hour medical care apart from the 000 number.  This leaves them exposed if the public system is overloaded.  Medical Emergency Response Time standards have been developed to reduce risks (see table)

  • 4 minutes to a first aider to give CPR,
  • 1 hour to a nurse/paramedic (the golden hour), and
  • 4 hours to a hospital doctor, (for surgery or to unblock the clot in a heart attack)

If you are concered and would like private assistance for a remote site to ensure you meet these guidlelines.  TeleDr can help.

Medical Response Standards

Tier 1
First Aid

First Aid

First Aider 4 minutes
Tier 2
Assess Treat Medivec


1 hour
Tier 3

Receive and treat.
Refer as needed

Surgeon/ Physician 4 hours
Tier 4 Subspecialist treatment Ortho/ Neurosurgeon As Required