Risk Management

The health risks faced by companies in the 21st century are increasing at an alarming rate and include

  • An aging workforce,
  • an obesity epidemic,
  • increasing drug and alcohol use,
  • lifestyle diseases (diabetes),
  • stress and fatigue,
  • chemical hazards,
  • work related hearing loss and
  • pandemic threats
  • increasing health care costs

Lack of health infrastructure in remote and rural areas leaves companies exposed with suboptimal medical emergency response capability

Australian companies need to

  • focus on major health risks,
  • reduce health costs through effective use of technology,
  • continuously improve their injury illness statistics by managing their health risks.

TeleDr focuses on the important health risks and helps industry implement effective controls to mitigate those risks.   These include

  • Avoiding major accident events, through drug and alcohol testing, fatigue and stress management.
  • Establishing simple health systems, procedures and guidelines
  • Benchmarking, providing assurance and delivering sustainable health performance improvements.  “ A TeleDr call helps the injury data fall.”
  • TeleDr now offers a cost effective way to manage health risks.