Telehealth Item Numbers

TeleDr a leading Australian telemedicine company provides video-consults with specialists for patients in telehealth eligible areas. which are bulk billed (no charge to the patient). This article discusses how the new telehealth item numbers work

People in telehealth eligible areas of Australia have access to specialist video consultations under Medicare. This provides many patients with easier access to specialists, without the time and expense involved in travelling to major cities.  All that is required is a valid referral to a specialist.  If you require a referral you can contact your GP or a TeleDr GP can assist.    

A map locator is provided on the Australian Government’s Doctor Connect website.   Using this tool, you can identify whether any location in Australia is a Telehealth Eligible Area.   

The Telehealth Service Items commenced on 1st July, 2011.   As at end of June 2016 the Department of Human Services had processed over 475, 545 Medicare telehealth services provided to over 144,400 patients by over13,815 providers.   This is a growing area and every year more and more telehealth consults are being delivered.  To conduct a bulk billed telehealth consult it is necessary to collect some information such as your medicare number.  All personal information collected and any health data is encrypted and confidentially stored.  Your information is not shared.  Telehealth item numbers and rapidly advancing technology have profound implications for the future of medical care. 

More information about Telehealth consults can be found on the MBS online website.